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 Learning how to play the guitar gives many that sense of fulfillment. It is a popular instrument widely used in music production and also creating the best tracks. Most musical compositions have a guitar effect on them. Learning how to play this particular instrument can help you become a better musician. You can also play it during your leisure time.

Most beginners usually experience several challenges in their quest to become excellent guitar players. The good thing is there are lots of institutions where you can enroll and perfect your skills to become a good guitarist. Getting a teacher or mentor is a great way you can learn how to play this stringed instrument. A lot of things have been simplified during this internet age. It is not a must you enroll in mainstream classes because you can also access some lessons online.

Guitar Tricks

There are lots of online platforms where you can learn to play this stringed instrument. Guitar Tricks is one of them. It is an online guitar training program offering a variety of video lessons that will help you understand how to play the instrument better. You can choose Guitar Tricks if you want to learn to play guitar online.

Guitar Tricks Features

Signing up for Guitar Tricks guitar lessons grants you access to a wide range of features that help you become a better player. You will be taken through different learning levels that help sharpen your skills.

Beginner Guitar Lessons

As a beginner, you have to understand the basics that will help you become a proper player. Guitar Tricks offers beginner lessons through their core learning system that can help you become better. The guitar fundamentals course 1 is what you have to start with. Administered by instructor Lisa McCormick, it is made up of seven chapters that help sharpen your guitar playing skills. These chapters include: 

  • Get to Know Your Guitar
  •  Let's Learn to Play!
  • How to Play Simple Melodies
  • Your 5-Chord Power-Pack!
  • Must-Know Basic Open Chords
  • How Chords Work Together to Make Songs
  • Intro to Timing and Rhythm

You will learn a lot that by the time you finish the 7th chapter. The first video lesson is free, but you will be required to upgrade to access others. You will also be taken through a Guitar Fundamentals 2 course that is new and made up of different chapters meant to sharpen your skills. These chapters include:

  • All About Power Chords
  • Intro To The Major Scale
  • A-String Power Chords And The Amazing Magic L
  • What Is A Chord? Really?
  • Getting Started With Barre Chords
  • Intro To The Minor Scale
  • Intro To Reading Music

The videos you get under these chapters can help you understand the basics required to become a guitar player. Blues, country, rock, and acoustic are some of the genres you are going to specialize in during your beginner lessons.

Experienced Lessons

It is also made up of two different courses, each with its chapters that help you develop your skills further. Various music genres are also taught at two levels. Genres you will cover in this course include blues, rock, country, and acoustic. The lessons are further broken down into styles, techniques, artist studies, practice, chords & scales, and gear & tone.

 Songs Lessons

Learning songs is another better way to become a guitar player. Guitar Tricks can help you learn how to play different songs using your guitar. Songs from various artists are available for these lessons. You can also get collections from some of your favorite groups or bands. Playing these songs will help you master a few things that can make you a better guitar player.

Guitar Tricks

Guitar Styles

Choosing Guitar Tricks guitar lessons will help you learn different styles for playing this instrument. Available styles include acoustic, blues, bluegrass, classical, country, jazz, funk & soul, rock, metal, rockabilly, surf, and world. This can make you become an all-round guitar player.

Benefits of Guitar Tricks

There are lots of benefits you are going to enjoy when you choose Guitar Tricks for your guitar lessons online. They include:

  • Easy to Use Website

Guitar Tricks is one of the best platforms where you can learn to play guitar online because of its easy to use the website. You can navigate easily through different pages and lesson options to choose what you want to learn. Everything has been outlined clearly, making it easy for you to learn. This is one of the things that makes Guitar Tricks to stand out.

  • Convenience

Guitar Tricks guitar lessons are super convenient for many who are always on a tight schedule. You can access their lessons from home or anywhere you wish using your smartphone or other internet access devices. This is quite convenient compared to attending mainstream classes where you have to present yourself physically.

  • Personal Coaching

This online guitar lessons platform has a full access option where you will have one on one coaching and personalized lesson plans. It is possible through a video chat or live lesson with a qualified instructor who will test your skills and help you understand a few things that will boost your guitar playing prowess.

  • Progress Monitoring

Gauging your progress is essential if you want to become a better guitar player. This is possible using Guitar Tricks, which has a monitoring option on its platform. It will show you the number of songs and tutorials you have completed throughout your course. You are also able to see the incomplete ones.

  • High-Quality Videos

You are going to enjoy lots of high-quality videos when you choose Guitar Tricks for your guitar lessons online. Most of the videos on the platform are high-definition and have been shot from different angles to help you grasp all the essential details you may want to know about playing this musical instrument.

guitar tricks

Pricing Plan

You can sign up on Guitar Tricks for $14.95 a month or $129.99 yearly. The annual subscription will guarantee you a $50 savings.  You can try out the 14-day free trial option that will help you understand the platform better before proceeding. Full access membership on Guitar Tricks is the best because it grants you access to a wide range of videos.

  • With the full access option, you will get:
  • A detailed beginner course
  • More songs lessons
  • Advanced artist studies
  • Friendly Support

There are also Guitar Tricks coupons and promo deals you can access and enjoy discounts on your payments. This subscription plan is considered fair compared to other online guitar lessons platforms.

How Guitar Tricks Compared To Other Platforms?

There are so many platforms where you can learn to play guitar online. JamPlay and Fender Play are some of the popular alternatives to Guitar Tricks. JamPlay stands out as one of the best platforms for intermediate or experienced players because of the content it contains.

Guitar Tricks is ideal for beginners because of the properly-outlined beginner courses. The other platform you need to try out is Fender Play. Fender Play has less content compared to Guitar Tricks and is mostly tailored for beginners. You will enjoy lots of video content that will help you become a better guitar player. How about you choose Guitar Tricks for your online guitar lessons if you want to have the best learning experience.

Guitar Tricks

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